Books for Babies

Find out how the Friends of the Library honor new babies in our community.

Books for babies is a program started by the Friends of the Library to introduce new parents to the Mediapolis Public Library.  Parents, grandparents, relatives, and friends may Books for Babies Imagecontact the library when a new baby has been welcomed into the family.  (by birth or adoption)  Friends of the Library will place a new children's board book in the library in honor of the child's arrival.

How to Enroll

To "enroll" a new baby, just call the library at 394-3895, email at, or fill out the online Books for Babies form.  The information needed is:  Name of the new baby, date of birth, boy/girl, parent's names and address, and the person's name that is  submitting the information.

The Friends of the Library will purchase a new book and add a book plate to it, then the library staff will send a letter to the parents informing them of the book that has been added to the library and to invite them to come to the library to "check it out".


Books for Babies Enrollment Form