Have a question?

This library can find answers to many of your questions. Whether it is for homework, to settle a bet or just because you want to know, the library has trained staff to help you.

Reference Requests

  • Whenever possible the Mediapolis Public Library staff will go to lengths to assist patrons in finding the answers to legitimate research questions. 
  • Each patron request will be given equal consideration and every effort will be made to answer it as accurately and completely as possible within a reasonable time frame. 
  • Staff may assist the patron in searching at least 5 resources/addresses including in-house reference materials, non-fiction books, periodicals, and Internet databases. 
  • All reference questions are confidential. 
  • Specific medical, legal, and tax questions cannot be answered by the library staff.
  • Homework help is available keeping in mind that the answers will not be given, just direction on finding the answers to any specific questions.  However, staff time may be limited in working with one individual unless an appointment is made in advance.
  • In-person reference help will take priority over telephone requests.
  • Online searches will be given to the library director and performed in a timely manner.
  • Reference interviews will be conducted in a professional manner for all reference questions, whether it be in-person, via the telephone, or electronically.
  • Email reference requests will be handled in the same manner as telephone requests, professionally and timely yet secondary to in-person requests.
  • For reference questions out of the scope of this library and its reference sources we will forward such requests to Southeastern Library Services as our back-up reference service.

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